An international nonprofit organization dedicated to providing wheelchairs for the impoverished disabled in developing nations.

Reverend Runs for Mobility

Awesome writeup by John Borack in this month’s Fountain Valley Living about Rev. Tim Philips and running in this year’s Surf City Marathon to support Free Wheelchair Mission! You can download the PDF for free here: the article is on page 14. Thanks to John for the article and Rev. Philips for running to support mobility!

A special good luck wish to all of our runners in the Honda LA Marathon this weekend—good luck, everyone!

Awesome story from Honduras (w/ photo)!

Probably one of the coolest parts of my job in working with communications here at FWM is that I get to see all the stories coming in from the field and pass them on to you. We just got this awesome update from some friends of ours at THE Ohio State University regarding some wheelchairs they took down to Honduras. Go Buckeyes and thank you!

March 5, 2012

Howard Greene

The Ohio State University

College of Engineering


Dear Howard,

I am writing to thank you for obtaining the donated wheelchair from for Abi, a child with Cerebral Palsy who is part of the Montana de Luz family in Honduras.  Montana de Luz is a home for children affected by HIV/AIDS and serves children who come from desperately poor backgrounds.  We depend 100% on donations to support the children as we receive no government funds or resources.

When Abi’s wheel chair finally broke beyond repair, Abi had to rely on her walker to be mobile.  While she is able to move short distances with her walker, she tires quickly and often resorts to crawling to get from one place to another.  When she saw the wheelchair arrive the relief on her face was incredible (pictured above)! She is now be able to move and go where she wants, when she wants!I think the other kids were almost as joyful pushing her everywhere in her new chair!

On behalf of Abi thank you for this generous donation!



Erika Shell Castro

Executive Director

Monday Recap: Ba Them in Vietnam

This is Ba Them, 47 years old. He is nine months into a new life with his wheelchair and his dream job in Vietnam.
Ba Them served the army until 1980 when he stepped on a land mine; half of his right leg was gone and his left was paralyzed. Returning home was not easy. The young man, who had for so long been able to help his family, suddenly became a burden to them. He had to resign himself everyday to simply stay home doing odd jobs while helping his wife take care of the children—she would spend the day selling vegetables around town to raise an income for the family. For someone who had spent his life as a soldier, this was one of the most difficult battles he had to fight:

"Before having the wheelchair my life was very difficult. I felt guilty for witnessing my wife work so hard from dawn till night to feed our big family. Nine months ago, hope returned back to me, I was gifted the wheelchair and got a job as a mechanic. Now every day, the wheelchair helps me get to work very conveniently… which brings me more than 2,000,000 dong (≈$96) for monthly income, enough to support my family. Thank you so much for your wonderful gift."  

We're on TV!

Click the link above check us out with KTLA 5’s Gayle Anderson talking about the Honda L.A. Marathon and the people running in it to support Free Wheelchair Mission!

Check it out! Wheelchairs ready to rock and get sent to where they’re needed! Big shout out to our people in China that make this happen!